Working with Plot — Free e-book!

Dustin Tigner wrote an e-book on plot for the writing community.

Dustin presents the basic plot line as follows:

  • Beginning (Change)
  • Main Goal (Question)
  • Middle
  • Goal Confrontation
  • Climax
  • End

Tidbits: To hook a reader at the start of your novel, you need to incorporate change.

This seems obvious, once considered: Who wants to read a story where everything’s happening the same as it always has? The change forces your characters to react, to show who they are, and places them in conflict (we hates change, precious), and that makes the reader identify with them (“Golly gee, what would I do if a massive whirlpool to another dimension opened in the next town over, swallowing the whole place?”).

Read the guide for more details on each stage of plotting!

[pdf] Working with Plot


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