How to make writing a habit

Have you developed the habit of writing? Do you find it hard to sit down every day and write 1,000 words, even if the muse is not with you? Developing that habit is what will take you from wanna-be author to published writer. If you wait for inspiration, you’ll never finish a 300 page novel.

Crawford Kilian, in his Advice on Novel Writing series of essays, lays out some handy tips on developing your writing habit. Routine is a vital element in a writer’s day; if you don’t carve out some space and write in it come hell or high water, you’ll find that the free time you’re waiting for never comes.

Set aside distractions, don’t answer the phone, sit down, press keys (or press pen to paper, whichever you prefer).

Read the whole essay here

(With more advice on taking advantage of opportunity!)

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